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I’m okay though!

I tend to be very quiet about my personal life and never talk about health issues or open up about family. Today I’ll share what’s been going on with me.

I’ve been quietly suffering with pain that’s located on the right side of my upper leg for over a year. I tried different types of therapy but nothing worked to eliminate my pain. I still went to yoga religiously and although I still had pain, I modified my poses.

My brother Lorne said that it’s time to go to my family doctor to check it out. Long story short, after about 7-8 months of X-rays, an MRI and doctor visits, I learned that I needed a hip replacement! I was really shocked by this.

Although I’ve been suffering for about a year, I’m sure that I was in pain a lot longer because I’m the type of person who is a denial person, never complain and do everything not to draw attention to myself when I’m hurting.

Even with my new ‘bionic hip’ I’m still amazed that I needed this surgery, yet here I am! I had the surgery Tuesday morning and I plan to be walking up and down the hospital halls later when the physiotherapist comes to see me. 😄

Although I’m so eager to get back to my routine, I know I have to be patient and take my time. I’ll just keep on telling myself that!

Here’s a toast to taking care of yourself, being mindful and a huge dose of positivity 🙂

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  1. Best Wishes fof a complete & speedy recovery. Remember ONE step at a time – L’Chaim!

    1. admin

      Thanks so much Carla!

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