Why is There So Much Food Over the Holidays?

Trying to eat healthy under normal circumstances can be difficult, so why should Passover, or any other holiday or celebration, be any different?

Before waving your arms and giving up before the holidays have even begun, know that everything and anything is possible! This isn’t about giving up any of your favorite foods or sitting twiddling your thumbs while everyone’s enjoying theirs at the Seders. Yes, many Passover desserts have sugar, more sugar, oil and chocolate. It’s a very starchy, carby holiday. Don’t stress about how much you’re eating.  Diets are so out! Being mindful is in! Maybe all you need are some strategies to help keep you mindful and out of a diet mentality over the holidays.

Here are my top strategies on how to eat more mindfully over the holidays:

  1. Don’t skip meals – especially on the Seder days
  2. Put vegetables on your plate first
  3. Less is more
  4. Commit to have one helping, not 2nds
  5. Eat as fresh as possible during the week
  6. Stick to salads with a good protein source for lunch
  7. Ask yourself if you are really hungry or just caught up in the moment?
  8. If dessert is your weakness, how can you not indulge? What if you have a smaller piece, 2 choices that are each half portions or some dessert with some fruit salad?

Remember, this is all about YOUR attitude. You are NOT dieting! And if you ate more than you planned to, so what! Next day, have a plan to eat more mindfully and move on.

Wishing you beautiful holidays with your family, friends and loved ones.

Happy Passover!

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