The other night it was just Mark and I home for supper and we were trying to decide what to eat. Do you ever get in a mood where you have no clue what you want? Me too! Mark suggested spaghetti and when I told him that I didn’t have any meat sauce in the freezer, he asked if I could make tomato sauce. And then I perked up and said that I could add fresh basil to it! I love my fresh basil plants that are still in full bloom on my kitchen windowsill!

When you keep stock of certain items in your house it’s readily available and can be used if you have unexpected company for supper, or if you’re in the mood for a certain food, or if you don’t have anything prepared or if you’re home late and need to prepare dinner quickly… I think you see where I am going with this. The message here is “Be Prepared!”

For our spaghetti supper I needed:
• spaghetti
• a tin of San Marzano whole tomatoes (it’s a variety of plum tomatoes that have a richer flavor)
• a little olive oil
• fresh garlic
• optional: celery and/or onions

This is so simple to make and trust me, the sauce will be ready by the time you boil the hot water for your spaghetti!

1. Heat some olive oil in a large pan. Slice 2 garlic cloves and add it to the warmed olive oil. If you’re adding celery or onions, add them now and mix into the olive oil.
2. When the garlic slices are slightly golden in color take your tin of whole tomatoes and crush them using your hands before adding it to the pan. Use the back of a wooden spoon to break up the rest of the tomatoes in the pan.
3. Let boil and then turn down to simmer. You can add fresh basil (or dried herbs) and the sauce will thicken as it simmers. Add salt and pepper to taste.
4. Make your spaghetti.
5. When the pasta is ready, drain, put on the plate and top with tomato sauce. Optional: Parmesan cheese

Wasn’t that easy? And bonus is that I have leftover tomato sauce that’s tucked away in my freezer.
Where to start? Make a list of things that are non-perishable and could be used to put together a quick meal. The important part – buy them and use it!!! Great habit to get into:)

I’d love to know what your dinners in a flash are and what staples you keep on hand!
Please share your tips and ideas in the comments below:)

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  1. Maria

    Amazing Shari!!
    Thank you for sharing

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      🙂 Thanks Maria!!

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