I dunno…..what’s in the fridge?

Do you ever find that there are times that you are so busy, that even washing and chopping veggies for a fresh salad can be a daunting ordeal? I know, it sounds simple enough. I mean, who doesn’t have time to wash a romaine lettuce or cut up peppers?  But, there have been times when I’ve come home exhausted and if nothing in my fridge is ready to eat or make, I’ll grab whatever is available and then feel blah about what I’ve eaten. Does that happen to you??

You know it doesn’t have to be that way. If you find that it’s a challenge to make the time to prepare foods, then make some changes that work for you in order to simplify your life!

Here are 7 time saving tips:

  • Try washed and ready to eat vegetables – grocery stores and Costco have salads already made and all you need to do is add a bag of shredded carrots, sliced cabbage, slice some mini cucumbers, throw in some cherry tomatoes and your salad is made in no time!
  • Canned legumes, like chickpeas, black beans, kidney beans, can be drained, rinsed and tossed together with a light dressing for a simple bean salad, or tossed into your green salad!
  • Frozen, partially baked whole grain bread can be popped into the oven.
  • Frozen vegetables are nutritious and ready to help round out your meal; steam them lightly to keep great crunch and flavor.
  • Frozen fruits are great in a smoothie, in hot breakfast cereals or in home baked goodies. Your bananas turning brown? I love my Ziploc freezer baggies and use them to freeze my over ripe bananas for use later in baked treats and my boys use them in smoothies!
  • Don’t eat enough fruit? Buy them pre-cut and keep them on your fridge shelf! The bright and readily available fruit will entice you to choose that over other snacks!
  • Pre-shredded cheese can make quick work of pasta dishes, pizza toppings, in egg omeletes or for sprinkling on salads and using in wraps.

By the way, my salad has baby spinach (store bought and pre-washed), halved cherry tomatoes, torn fresh basil leaves (picked from my backyard), sliced avocado, a mini cucumber sliced, sliced mini bocconcini cheese and a squirt of balsamic glaze. 5 minutes to prepare and are things that I keep stock of on a regular basis:)

I’d love to hear from you! What are your favorite time saving tips?
Please share below your ideas in the comments below!!

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