Yay!! It’s finally nice enough to barbecue outdoors! Although I love having my husband cook suppers during this time of the year, meals still need to be planned.

Variety is key and when you experience different tastes and flavors, it helps keep you mindful and curbs your appetite for ‘mindless, unplanned’ indulgences. Think about it – if you aren’t satisfied with what you’re eating, chances are that you’re going to be looking high and low for something else like a handful of chips (which leads to another…) or a cookie..or 2..or 3…

It’s time to switch it up and add something new to your meals. Here’s a great idea – Cedar planks! It changes the flavor of your foods in such a way that will leave you going mmmmmmm with every bite.

Cedar planks have to be soaked in water for a few hours before using it and although it’s amazing for salmon, I have used it for different veggies, chicken and even cod!

Something new to try! If you don’t have any cedar planks, or need more, please click here to buy some!

Have you used it? I’d love to know what foods you have put on your cedar planks!

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