The Past is Over

This makes perfect sense and it really resonated with me too.

Not ‘if’, but when something happens to me, I usually dwell on it and replay all the different scenarios in my head. Things that I should have said and should have done so that the outcome would be different. But it never happens that way and I end up getting mad at myself because I wasn’t quick enough to respond in a better way. This constant tug of war with myself only makes me feel worse and stressed!

Everyone blames sugar and carbs for weight gain but, you know what? The truth is that it’s STRESS!! When we are stressed our blood sugar increases, our blood pressure increases, cortisol (the stress hormone) increases plus a whole host of other things. The outcome, for most of us, is that we turn to food for comfort. I do! We’re not drawn to anything healthy like salads or veggies in order to make us feel better. It’s sugar and carbs that we crave! And another thing – stress doesn’t play favorites and affects ALL age groups, men and women!

The answer sounds simple enough – reduce the stress. I know, easier said than done! It takes practice. Start by doing something that you enjoy and that calms you, like listening to music, reading a book, exercise, painting, quilting, meditating – something for you and that puts you in a better place. Once you start taking care of yourself in that way, you will start to see a difference and feel more in control, more at peace and will be able to put things behind you and accept that whatever was upsetting you, is over.

My ‘go to’ is yoga. When I feel stress start to take over, I take a deep breath and try to let it go. Does it work for me all the time? No, but I’m working on it and trying not to let things bother me, accept things and just move on.

I’d love to hear from you! What is your release and how do you manage your stress?
We all could use a little help to find something to help us deal with stress so please share in the comments below!

Peace in, Peace Out

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