Something to Think About…

So profound and definitely speaks volumes.

While the road in life may not always be smooth, it’s all those detours and bumps along the way that help shape us. Our experiences and encounters are an integral part of who we are and become.

We may not understand why certain things happen and I hate to use the cliche and say that ‘things happen for a reason’, but I really believe that there’s truth in that. So, even when things seem bleak, find something positive to take from it. We are constantly learning and maybe it’s time to accept it, embrace it and move on.

Be optimistic. Reach beyond your limits. Accept what is.
Seek the positive in situations. Find the blessing, your blessing.

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2 Thoughts to “Something to Think About…”

  1. Sometimes we can only see the lesson in hindsight but it’s so important to find the meaning in that experience. I lost most of my vision 18 years ago and it has given me the ability to grow as a person, find that painting is my passion, and connect on a deeper level with so many new and interesting people. Perspective is everything!!

    1. admin

      Suzanne, Thanks so much for sharing this 🙂 Too many people dwell on the negative and can’t get past whatever it is they are going through. And while it is happening, it feels like the world is caving in. But then there is the flip side, and when you find that perspective, as you have, and look at all the positive, you can move on, learn and grow. Your paintings are so alive and full of life and movement. Just beautiful!

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