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I hate asking for help!

I am a doer. In my own quiet way I manage to organize my house, make and plan meals, see clients, work on my business projects, socialize with friends (playing mah jong, canasta or going to my book club!), frequent yoga and Pilates classes, plan my blogs/ website and this probably doesn’t even cover all my other projects. Even though we’re only 3 in the house now, one or two loads of laundry are done every day and my mom is convinced that I must be taking in laundry from others!

It’s only been a little less than 2 weeks since my operation. I’m recovering really nicely, but I’m still restricted in what I’m able to do. I have to tell you that I’m a little antsy. I’m not good at sitting still, catching up on Netflix shows, reading endlessly, napping, taking it easy or watching others do things for me.

I love my family and appreciate everything that they are doing for me.

Charles has really stepped up to the plate with all the kitchen and laundry duties and I had no idea that he had it in him! My kids have been a tremendous help. Between Mark helping out at home and making sure that I have everything I need before he leaves the house; Tamara bringing me food, calling and messaging me during the day and doing my hair; and Jarred calling me even more than usual to make sure I take my pills and dropping by with food, I couldn’t ask for a better family and love them so much.

The picture above is of Jarred! I had a new idea for a recipe and last Sunday I asked Jarred to come help out in the kitchen. He was busy chopping, dicing and sautéing veggies for me and made a hearty soup that I will soon be sharing with you!

My mom, relatives and friends have been so wonderful to me. When you call and ask me if I need lunch or help with something, I’m really so touched by all of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. So, when I say ‘nooooooo don’t worry, I need nothing!’, please don’t take it personally because I really do appreciate it. Just try to remember that I hate asking for help!

Love you all 🙂

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