Are you hungry and need a snack, but just can’t face another celery stick or mini carrot?

First, figure out if you are really hungry or if it’s just emotional eating. (Emotional eating is for a whole other discussion!) If it’s right before supper you probably need something to help ward off hunger. That’s what snacks are for, but before taking something that is overly processed, carb heavy, loaded with fat or sugar, why not have something that will give your body what it needs?

Have you ever tried to replace a snack with a small piece of protein??? Snacks that contain protein and/or fiber provide many benefits and nutrients that give snacks ‘staying power’. Sometimes something sweet or salty may make you hungrier. Protein fills you up and it doesn’t do havoc and spike your blood–sugar levels.

Some ideas:

  • a small/palm sized piece of chicken (aren’t leftovers wonderful!)
  • a small/palm sized piece of salmon
  • 1 hard boiled egg
  • a small handful of almonds
  • peanut butter on apple slices!

Why not try one of these suggestions and see if it works. A little bit of protein can go a long way!
You’ll never know until you try!

I’d love to know what works for you!
Please share in the comments below:)

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