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My Passover lists and documents are all in their designated Passover 2018 folder! Does that mean that I know exactly what I’m making yet? Absolutely not!

Yes, there are certain foods that are a ‘given’ and will be at our Seders, but I like to change things up and shuffle my menu around.

What’s in the Picture?

  • I make a fabulous Apricot and Apple Kugel! It’s so delicious and very different from the traditional kugels.
  • My Roasted Cauliflower recipe can easily be made for the Seder. It will definitely be served on one of our Seder nights!
  • Mini Potato Knishes! These are fabulous and can easily be made ahead of time and great to freeze!
  • Chocolate Macaroons! These are small, cute and can be made ahead too!

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Keep checking back for new healthy recipes for Passover!

What sides dishes are you making? As always, I’d love to hear from you!
Please share your ideas and inspiration in the comments below:)

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