There always seems to be so much to do and so many things going on in my life, I often feel like I’m being pulled in a zillion different directions. Do you ever feel like that? When I feel over whelmed and not sure what to tackle first, something always suffers. And if you’re like me, it’s not what you do for other people that suffers, but it’s what you do for yourself.

I never miss meals, even when I’m too busy (I like to eat!!), but making something that’s healthy that keeps me satisfied doesn’t always fit into my schedule. I want something that’s #1 healthy, #2 is yummy and #3 is fast and easy to make.

That’s why there are leftovers:) Remember that salad that I keep on mentioning? The one that’s ginormous and is ready in the fridge when you are? Put some on your plate and top it off with some leftover salmon or chicken. Or you can add two of those hard boiled eggs that are in your fridge. Hold on…didn’t you buy a package of imitation crab?? So many choices! If you have an avocado add 1/4 to your salad and while you’re at it, open up a tin of corn niblets or chickpeas and it will add a little bit more color and texture! All it needs now is some salad dressing and you are good to go!

Nutritious, balanced and delicious was never so easy:) And it all started with a salad that was previously made and was sitting in a big plastic container in the fridge waiting to be used. Everything else was easy to add. And so much better and filling than grabbing a slice of Kraft cheese or a handful of cookies or chips for lunch.

You would definitely do this for someone else, so why not make the time to do it for yourself? You are sooooo worth it!

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