Between holidays, vacations, dinners, company, family gatherings – there’s food everywhere! And if you’re having a hard time to get back into your groove, know that you’re not alone.

I find it difficult and many of my clients and friends tell me that they have the same challenges. So, what are you going to do? #1 – you’re not dieting, so this will be a piece of cake for you – no pun intended!! Seriously, if you take a deep breath and focus on you, you can do it.

Here’s my Top 10 Tips to Help You get Back on Track:

1. Plan to have some healthy prepared salads in your fridge
2. Plan a few meals for the week
3. Write out your grocery list and include an assortment of fruits, veggies, protein sources, whole grains, dairy, healthy fats etc.
4. Prep your veggies/fruits and store them in containers. Place them strategically on the middle shelf in your fridge so it’s the first thing that you see when you open the door
5. Keep fresh fruit on the counter, store treats away (for now). Out of sight, out of mind!
6. Don’t skip meals
7. Eat from ALL the food groups, mindfully and in moderation
8. Go for a brisk walk or hit the gym. You’ll feel better about yourself and it will put you in a better mood since you will be proactive!
9. Hydrate! Drink plenty of water to get your digestive system on its way back on track
10. Be positive and know that you can do this

Take it one meal at a time and remind yourself that this is for healthy lifestyle changes. It’s not about being on a diet, it’s about being mindful and feeling good about yourself:)

As always, I’d love to hear from you!
Please share in the comments below some of the things that you do to get you back in your groove.

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