Sunday is my day.

Actually, it starts Thursday because that’s when I begin thinking about what I’m going to cook for the following week. I write out my grocery list, shop Friday for food, I go back Saturday for the items that I missed and Sunday is my day when I cook and prep for the upcoming week.

I find that meal prep is a great time saver and is key to healthy eating. Years ago when I’d be home and looking for something to have for lunch, I’d grab whatever was fast and easy and certainly not anything healthy. Now when I open my fridge door, I see containers of cooked quinoa, roasted veggies, cleaned and cut raw veggies and a fresh garden salad already made. It it really helps me stick to my healthy goals because everything is all ready and just needs to be put on a plate.

No time to make breakfast in the morning? Why not make a batch of steel cut oats and store them in individual containers? Simple steps to ensure healthy eating.

You can also pre-cut onions, marinate chicken, make rice – whatever will make your supper meals easier for during the week. This is a great habit to get into and one that you’ll never know how you managed before without doing it!

This picture of roasted spaghetti squash I prepped and I’ll be using in a new recipe. Be sure to look for it on Friday!

What things do you meal prep?
I’d love to hear your ideas, so please share in the comments below:)

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