When you bake it’s important to follow a recipe and use exact measurements. There is some wiggle room for reducing sugar or replacing some of the fat with a fruit purée, but you’re not going to increase the amount of baking powder just on a whim!

With meat, chicken, fish and vegetable dishes it’s a whole different story. If you don’t like tomatoes in a salad, omit them. If coriander isn’t the herb of your choice, try replacing it with fresh basil. The possibilities are endless!

I tend to repeat certain things to my clients that I want them to remember like: ‘dressing on the side’, ‘if you’re going to indulge and have something really yummy, make sure that it’s something that you like and you’re not just eating for the sake of eating’ and ‘listen to your body’. I know that not everyone likes to cook, so I tell people to start by keeping things simple. Use spices, prep before hand whatever you can, try different veggies in your salads, start slowly and experiment!

And that’s just what Pam, one of my clients, did!! She really doesn’t cook often and is not a fan of quinoa, but she really liked the Quinoa with Wild Mushrooms recipe that I previously posted. She replaced the quinoa with a quinoa pasta and was so excited to show me her creation – that’s her dish in the photo! And more importantly, she took that first step, made it work for her and I know she’ll be experimenting and in the kitchen a little bit more.

Baby steps! That’s all it takes.

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