If we wait until we are ready, we will be waiting for the rest of our lives

Is there something that you keep putting off, giving yourself excuses that it’s ‘not a good time’, your kids are too young, you’re not ‘settled’, you’re not where you want to be, your body isn’t where you want it to be…I can go on and on with the excuses. And we are ALL guilty of putting things on the back burner because of our excuses.

It could be something like taking a zumba class or trying to eat healthier and more mindfully or enrolling in an art class or even trying a new yoga pose (I own this one!!) I could list 10 things right off the bat that I don’t do and I have an excuse for each and every one. Many years ago when my husband joined a golf course, he really wanted me to play. My son Mark was 2 at the time and although I was reluctant, we played in a husband/wife tournament with 2 other couples. My sister-in-law babysat Mark (Tamara and Jarred were at camp) ALL day and it really was a fun day. Everyone was encouraging me to play on a regular basis, but my kids were young…it involved practicing a few times a week…Mark was just a baby!!! Who had time? Not me (I had excuses!) I’m embarrassed to tell you that Mark will be 21 this August and I could count on a few fingers…okay maybe 2 fingers, how many times I’ve played golf since that 1st outing!

But this isn’t about golf. It’s about realizing that there will never be a perfect time to plan to go back to school, or to change your job, or to try to lose those last 10 pounds, or to stop some bad habits or to start new ones. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new! Who knows…this Christmas while on vacation I may even surprise Charles and pick up a golf club:)

Don’t be afraid to fall down, that’s how we learn. You will find out that the impossible is possible. Believe in yourself. The only thing that you have to be afraid of, is never trying.

As always I’d love to hear from you! Please share your comments below and post if you have taken a step out of your comfort zone!

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