I Want to Share This Incredible Find With You!

I know it may sound silly, but have you ever had muffins stick to the muffin tins or to the paper liners? I have!

I used to use this fabulous product that was only sold in the U.S. – Baker’s Joy. It was packaged in a can that combined flour and oil which sprayed out of a nozzle and coated baking pans perfectly. Pam came out with a similar product, so I tried that one too. But, my kids found that the muffins had a funny taste which seemed to have been coming from the residue from the oil/ flour that was left on the muffins. So out went the sprays and I looked into other options.

They make so many cute and pretty paper liners, but not everything that I baked using them came out in one piece! I resorted to using the old fashioned method of greasing and flouring the tins (flashback to when my late father taught me how to do this when I was young and we baked cakes!), but that was too messy. And then I spotted liners made out of parchment paper!!! One of the best inventions ever!!

Have you ever used them?? If not, you’ve got to try them!! There’s no mess, no damaged goodies, no stuck paper on the muffins, just clean and simple and practically falls off the muffins!

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