I get it – when you come home from the grocery store all you want to do is put everything away because you have other things to do.

10 minutes.

That’s all it took for me to peel a 5 pound bag of carrots and then another 5-10 minutes to cut them up and put them in a clear container. It’s great to prep snacks, but unless you strategically place them front and center on your fridge shelf, you may forget about them. Out of sight, out of mind!

Why do this?

It’s all about being prepared. When you have quick and easy healthy snacks available it can be your ‘go to’ instead of grabbing a handful of chips or cookies. Pair it with some other veggies and a dollop (a tablespoon or two) of hummus or salsa and you will have a satisfying snack that will make you feel great about your choice! This is such a great late afternoon snack – you know what I mean, the bewitching hour!

Life gets busy.

Take the 10 minutes to prep some carrots. While you’re at it, maybe clean a few peppers and slice some celery sticks!

It’s not about the carrots.

It’s about taking the time to make sure that you have healthy choices available and making this part of your healthy lifestyle strategies!

Your body and mind will thank you. You are so worth it!

As always, I’d love to hear from you!
What do you prep in advance so that you have snacks that are ready in your fridge?
Please share your ideas in the comments below!

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