Have You Ever Used Ziploc Perfect Portions?

I’m not sure how I ever got along without this amazing product!

Today many stores sell food items in bulk quantities and while it’s so cost efficient, if you don’t store them properly, they can get freezer burn and spoil. Whenever I bought raw chicken pieces, I would just freeze them in the package they came in. When we had leftovers that I wanted to freeze for another time, I literally just dumped them into Ziploc Freezer Bags.

And then one of my friends told me about this amazing product! I’ve been using them for a little over a year now, and I see such a huge difference in the thawed foods since I’ve changed my freezing method.

Now I put individual chicken pieces in each portion baggie and then put enough to fill a larger Ziploc freezer bag, use my Sharpie marker to label and date the baggie, seal it shut and put it in the freezer.

What Else do I Freeze?

  • Shredded cheese in 1/2 cup portions
  • When I buy a whole salmon fillet I have the person behind the counter cut the fish into a few portions and freeze individual pieces
  • Chicken pieces, boned and deboned
  • Ripe bananas
  • Nuts

My frozen foods never have freezer burn anymore. Plus, it’s so convenient to just take out individually portioned chicken or fish pieces as needed, seal the bag with the remaining ones and put it back in the freezer! I honestly don’t know how I ever managed without these little baggies and I always keep an extra box in my storage cupboard.

Where to Buy it?

Many grocery stores and chains carry this product!

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