I find that eating mindfully during the summer months can be a little difficult at times. Do you?

It could be because we’re outdoors more, maybe more snacks foods are available, maybe we socialize more, go out for more iced coffees and frozen treats, have more (alcoholic!) drinks with friends and for sure what’s going on in the world affects our lives, but whatever the case, it’s not always easy to make good choices. And it’s a snowball effect; if I indulge too much, for too many consecutive days, my day time eating tends to get all messed up and I end up picking at whatever’s around and not always making healthy choices. This used to be my lifestyle and pattern – then I changed things.

One of the first things that I tell my friends and clients is to be prepared at home. I know I repeat myself, but I can’t reiterate enough how important it is to get into the habit of prepping foods and having things available and in a prime location so that when you open the fridge door, you see it! It really ends up making things easier for yourself, especially when you’ve indulged a little too much.

Fresh produce looks so appealing and inspiring and I know that we all have such good intentions when purchasing them. But, if you put away your groceries and leave them in in their original packaged containers, on a shelf way in the back or deep in a drawer, they end up being forgotten could get moldy and spoiled.

What to Do?

Use glass containers or beautiful ceramic bowls! Wash, cut or peel your fruits (and veggies!) and place them in your containers. When you need a snack or something to add to your meal, it’s all prepped, ready, and much easier to make good choices than to take a handful (or 2!) of chips or cookies! I know it’s a tedious job, but when I start to make a meal or have a snack, it’s so much easier to choose healthier options when things are readily available.

It sounds so easy to do but, I can count how many times I just put the baskets of Quebec strawberries on the fridge shelf and then when I decided to eat them, the berries were soft and mushy. And if this happens to me, it can happen to you too!

This isn’t just about doing these things to lose weight. It’s about getting into good healthy habits that become part of your lifestyle. It’s for people who have kids and want to set a good example, it’s for empty nesters, it’s for young adults who have moved out on their own, it’s for people who live by themselves, it’s for you and it’s for me!

So, what are we going to do? Make a pact with yourself. If you aren’t in the habit of prepping your fruit and veggies, start now. Today is the day!

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