edamame, red pepper, corn, frozen vegetables

Can I say it depends?

Whenever I’m away I tend to frequent stores that we just don’t have at home. Grocery stores are up there! I love Trader Joe’s and can easily lose the time while going up and down each aisle.

I found this amazing bag of frozen vegetables called Soycutash. It’s not fancy and it’s very simply a mixture of edamame beans, red peppers and corn niblets. That’s it-nothing added, just veggies that have been frozen fresh.

Fresh is great when it’s in season and bursting with flavor. But, there’s no shame in using frozen veggies for convenience to save time or when the choices are few and prices are high.

So many different recipes can start with a bag of frozen vegetables. Be on the lookout for my next recipe post using this fabulous frozen bag of veggies!

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