Will I have to give up my favorite foods?

Absolutely not! Whenever I eliminated certain foods that I loved in order to lose weight, I ended up giving in to the temptation and gained back whatever I had lost, plus more. Food is meant to be enjoyed and I will help you plan strategies that will help you eat more mindfully and not feel deprived.

What do we do in an average session?

Whenever I meet with a client, the first thing that we do is get weighed. Some weeks you may not want to get on the scale and that’s totally okay!! That number on the scale doesn’t define you and isn’t the only measure of success. At times the scale doesn’t want to cooperate and show a loss even when your clothes feel looser and some days you may just feel bloated or had a week that all it seems like you did was eat! I hear you, and I know about those weeks! So, rather than cancel a week, make a commitment to yourself to show up and move forward. The weigh-in will be totally up to you. There are many non-scale victories to be proud of and I’ll help you identify them and be positive. We’ll start off talking about your week and I’ll listen to what challenges you had, what worked, what didn’t work, what challenges you may have in the upcoming week, and whatever else is going on. I’ll also provide you with documents on topics that we’re working on, some tidbits of info and plenty of motivation. I like to make sure that you feel inspired and ready for your day.

Will I still be able to go to restaurants?

Yes!! Together we’ll come up with easy strategies for you to use when trying to navigate through a menu. Losing weight and keeping it off, has to fit with your lifestyle in order to be sustainable. If going to restaurants is part of what you love to do, then I’ll help you make it work!

What if I don’t cook?

I will help you plan meals and give you tips that are easy to implement and creative without spending hours in the kitchen. There are plenty of options available and I’ll help you figure out where and what to look for when buying prepared, or semi prepared meals.

Do I have to exercise in order to lose weight?

I believe that weight loss comes from 85% (or more) of what you eat. Exercise certainly helps and has many health benefits, but unfortunately it doesn’t ‘erase’ indulgences! Although you don’t have to spend hours at a gym or ‘workout’ everyday, it is important to be active. I’ll help you find activities that you like to do and that would fit with your lifestyle. And if you don’t want to be active right away, no worries.

Are you easily accessible?

We’ll chat during our pre-determined time, but I’m also available during the week if you have a question, want me to know what you’ve made, want an opinion on something or just need an ear to vent! If something comes up and you need to cancel or re-schedule our meeting, we’ll find another time slot that’s good for both of us. I do ask if you can let me know at least 3 days in advance, but I am understanding and know that sometimes things are just out of our control.

I eat healthy, how come I am not losing weight?

Eating healthier foods is definitely on the right track, but weight loss doesn’t only come from what you eat, it’s how much of it you’re actually eating and sometimes it’s what you’re not eating! I’ll help you plan meals and work on portion sizes that work for you. The goal is to be able to maintain it as part of your lifestyle.

How come it is so easy for my friend to lose weight, but not me?

There’s no easy answer to this and I know how frustrating it can be. We’re all built differently and that’s why I don’t believe in a ‘one plan fits all’ approach for losing weight. Together, we will make a plan suited for you and your needs. Everyone has different challenges and obstacles and together we will come up with strategies that work for your lifestyle.