If I don’t Want to Spend Hours in my Kitchen Why Would You???

🤷‍♀️I know exactly how you feel.

It’s very time consuming if you want to eat healthy. Most food items have to be cleaned, spun, dried, chopped and stored away – not to mention the planning involved for suppers!
🔥I have tips, tricks & strategies to help you prep your meals and not stand on your feet for what seems like hours on end.

👉Here’s a Quick Prep for Salads:
1️⃣ Wash (and dry) lettuce and put in a big plastic bowl that has a cover. If there’s a lot of lettuce, store in a covered glass jar (*see the lettuce hack posted in my reels)

2️⃣ In the big bowl, add washed cherry tomatoes, chopped green onions and cucumber slices.

3️⃣ Cut peppers in half, clean and store in containers.

4️⃣ I like to wash + cut broccoli into florets and store in a container! All ready to use!!

✔️Your basic salad is now ready and will last for several days. And it didn’t take long to do!
👉Add protein, some peppers (already cleaned!), a handful of seeds/nuts, avocado, chickpeas …. whatever you like!
💕Small changes lead to BIG results! Don’t just talk about eating healthier, do something about it! Break up your tasks into small chunks!

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