Do You Like Pasta But Don’t Really Eat It?

I do too, but you would never know it because it’s rare that I eat it. Could it be because 1 portion is ONLY 1/2 cup??? Is that why you don’t enjoy more of it too?

I have a simple solution – 2 of them actually.

#1 This is what I tell my clients – don’t eat 1/2 cup! Really, what’s 1/2 cup?? It looks sad like there’s nothing on the plate and for sure you will feel like you’re dieting! Chances are you’ll still be hungry and go take another helping (or two!) and then you probably will feel guilty that you had too much! Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever ate other things because you figured that you ‘blew’ it anyways and that tomorrow you’ll be good again? Forget that! I help people reach their weight goals by giving them realistic strategies and help them get out of that ‘diet’ mindset. Instead of not eating pasta or having only 1/2 cup, I suggest having 1 cup with a yummy tomato based sauce (with added veggies and/or protein!) Don’t worry about having too many carbs for that meal.

If I’m having pasta for supper I have gotten into the habit of having a good carb choice for breakfast like oatmeal or whole wheat toast with peanut butter/egg or avocado, or steel cut oats. For lunch I’d skip the ‘carb’ and opt for more of a protein based lunch such as a yummy salad with protein and a healthy fat source or cottage cheese/yogurt with fruit or an omelet with a salad.  This way I’d be having 3-4 carbs for the day (leaving room for a cereal bar or homemade muffin as a snack if that’s what I choose) and I won’t feel deprived. Make sense to you?

#2 Change up your pasta! My mom bought this pasta at Trader Joe’s – so delicious! Sometimes a different shape, brand or flavor of pasta can change your satisfaction level and give you that ‘mmmm’ factor that you may need:)  I didn’t know this, but I was told that I actually ‘mmmm’ when I eat something that I really like. My son Jarred does it too lol! When you’re satisfied you’re more likely to stick to having just your one plate at mealtime and not go for seconds! You may also find that you’re not ‘picking’ at leftovers anymore.

I hope these two ideas help 🙂

As always, I’d love to hear from you!
How do you handle not having too much pasta? Please share in the comments below!!

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