‘Tis the season for crock pots!! So tell me, have you taken yours out yet? I have no extra room in my kitchen, so I keep mine tucked away in another room, but when the weather starts getting cold, out it comes!

I love coming into my house and being greeted by the warm comforting smell coming from dinner that has been simmering in my crock pot all day. It also puts me in a great mood because I know that supper is made and I don’t have to start scrambling and cooking!

I’m always on the search for new recipes and unfortunately I haven’t had much luck in finding a good chicken one where the chicken isn’t dry. If you have any fabulous dishes that you’ve made or want to make, I’d love to test them out and feature them in a post so please e-mail me any recipes.

In the meantime, take out your crock pot and dust it off. Find a great soup, stew or breakfast recipe. Why not make your life easier and plan on using it next week – you’ll be glad that you did! On Monday I’ll post an easy beef stew that my guys really love!

As always, I would love to hear from you!
Do you use a crock pot?? Please share what you use it for in the comments below!

2 Thoughts to “Crock Pot Season!”

  1. rhona elias

    I have a crock pot that I have never used. I am “scared” of it. I need to try it once & I am sure I will get hooked.

    1. admin

      Hi Rhona,
      I hear you!! I would start with something easy to make in the crock pot – maybe a soup or stew? I’ve experimented with some new recipes and once made a chicken that was so so. Everyone loved the sauce, but the chicken pieces itself were very dry. Oh well…it happens! Baby steps and keep on trying 🙂

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