Cookies and Ice Cream and Cake? Oh My!

While growing up my mother (sorry to call you out on this mommy!) rarely bought ‘cookies, candy or junk’. Thank God my father had a sweet tooth and would sneak things like cake into our house, which was devoured that night in a matter of minutes!

Needless to say my exposure to junky food items was limited to just at friends homes.  Because I rarely had it at my house, more often than not I used to eat a whole bag of cookies or strudel all at once and never learned how to have just 1 piece or 2 cookies. I vowed that when I had kids, I would have cookies and ice cream and cake in my house so they wouldn’t eat it all at once in fear of never seeing it again.

Before I lost weight, there was an abundance of processed and junky foods in our house. Although my lifestyle has changed over the past 12 years and there’s never a shortage of healthy foods around now, you’ll always find a bag or 2 of cookies (packaged and not home made and baked with healthy ingredients) and a tub or 4 of ice cream in my freezer.

I often get off on a tangent when I tell a story and I know you’re wondering what does cookies and ice cream have to do with this beautiful picture of a salad?

My two older kids live on their own and I’ve often wondered what they stock their kitchen with. Tamara’s like me – she likes yogurt, cheese, salads, sweets. But Jarred….well, he likes skittles and other candies! Jarred had me over for lunch the other day. He made this beautiful salad filled with chopped Asian pears, fresh blueberries, diced tomatoes, chopped yellow peppers and fresh spinach. He also had a couscous salad and a cracked wheat salad as well. When I looked in his fridge it was nicely stocked with different sauces, veggies and fruit. His freezer had packages of chicken and shrimp.

I am thrilled that my kids choices were influenced by me – who knew that I would make such an impact. And, as I was leaving Jarred’s, I did spot a candy bowl with the cherry blasters. I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

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