Let me tell you about balance, but you do realize that I’m not talking about yoga poses. I’m talking about balancing healthy eating with indulgences.

While on vacation we ate one night at The Cheesecake Factory and brought home two luscious pieces  of cheesecake – Red Velvet and Godiva. Ice cream is my #1 all time favorite food, cheesecake is #2!! I had two choices: I could have sat there, had a bowl of fruit, no cheesecake and watch everyone enjoy it or I could have had a piece.

This is where the 80/20 rule comes into play. I always start my day with an amazing breakfast and have a variety of veggies, proteins, healthy carbs and fats for lunch and dinner. I don’t eat cake very often, for special occasions and it has to be really good and worth it! Would one piece hurt me? No way! Although I know I could have easily polished off a whole piece (and it’s huge!), I really didn’t want to do that. Instead I took a small portion of each one and thoroughly enjoyed it! I literally licked my plate clean:)

I have kept off the weight I lost for 9 1/2 years. It’s not because I starve myself or cut out bread or potatoes or sweets. Been there, done that. And in the past I always regained whatever weight I lost because I felt deprived and guilty when I did eat something ‘yummy’. Here’s where balance comes into play. If you never, ever indulge and purposely leave out a food group (except in the case where you have an intolerance/allergy), it can hit you big time when you do eat that ‘forbidden food’. And then the guilt sets in and sometimes we keep going and then beat ourselves up over it. I know we are all different and it’s easier said than done at times. I’d be lying to you if I said that I never went for a 2nd bowl of ice cream or another helping of cake! I’m human and we all are.

I help my clients build strategies for weight loss that fit with their lifestyles. If they like pizza – we find a way to include it. If they go out to eat everyday, we find ways to make it work. And it does! I’m so impressed by their efforts and their results! It takes time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. It’s all about finding the balance – your balance. 80/20. Eating healthy 80% to leave room for your healthy indulgences- your 20%.

So, when I’m at a party and someone says to me “I guess you never cheat and won’t have dessert”, I tell them straight out “I never cheat” as I put a cupcake on my plate. And that’s the truth:)

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