Do you have snacks during the day?

I’ve got a terrible sweet tooth! One of my favorite snacks is Chapman’s frozen yogurt, but I try not to have it more than once a week. I find that if I indulge in ‘sweet treats’ every night, even if it’s a small portion, my sugar cravings kick in and one helping is never enough. Do you find that happens to you too? Salt or sugar cravings don’t just magically disappear, but if you eat healthier meals and change up your snacks with healthier options, you can keep it at bay.

Blueberries have become one of my favorite fruits to eat. Not only is it a great food choice because of all the nutritional and health benefits, but they happen to taste amazing and help curb my cravings!

I know, plain fruit doesn’t always cut it, but by adding blueberries to other foods your body will feel satisfied.

Why not add blueberries to:

The possibilities are endless! Sometimes I’ll take a square (or 2!) from one of my Lindt Dark Chocolate bars, break it into pieces and add it to fruit. It hits the spot!

What are your favorite ways to eat blueberries?
I’d love to hear about it in the comments below 🙂

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