Be Prepared with my TOP 10 Quick and Easy Tips

I find that if I don’t do any food prep, I’ll eat whatever is easy and available. It usually comes out of a bag or a box and I’ve even had spoonfuls of jam! I don’t know about you, but when I eat like that, it makes me hungrier because it didn’t give me any real type of satisfaction. Real foods do that. Whole grains do that. Proteins do that. You get my drift?

On Saturday or Sunday afternoons is when I usually prep food to keep in my fridge. I wish that I could tell you that I make suppers for the entire week, but I’m not that organized! I’m not sure if preparing meals for the week would work for me, but it could for you! I do find that when my fridge has foods that have been prepped and in containers, just seeing the options makes me feel more in control and believe it or not, less overwhelmed about what I am going to make for dinner during the week.

This is my weekend ‘Plan of Action’:
1. Pick 2 or 3 recipes that I want to make and keep them in plain sight so I don’t forget about where I’ve seen them!
2. Write a grocery list starting with the items needed for new recipes
3. Peel carrots, clean celery and then cut into sticks and store in containers
4. Wash all greens (lettuce/ kale/ bok choy etc.) and store in large plastic baggies
5. Make a green basic salad and store in a large container
6. Make hard boiled eggs
7. Clean and slice bell peppers
8. Make 4 portions of steel cut oats for breakfasts during the week
9. Make a batch of grains, quinoa or rice
10. Bake muffins

Sometimes I make soup, sometimes I make salad dressings, but these simple acts repeated will bring you into new habits. And that is what the key is – building habits that you can maintain and fit into your lifestyle!

I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration! If you ever want to chat and bounce some ideas off of me, just send me an email and let’s connect!

As always, I would love to hear from you!
How do you get motivated? Please share your ideas in the comments below!

2 Thoughts to “Be Prepared with my TOP 10 Quick and Easy Tips”

  1. Dvorah Finestone

    I love your posts. I also do most of your 10 points in your plan of action.
    But what muffins do you make? Do you have any recipes for good muffins that have little weight watcher points? I am also looking for really good muffin recipes that are low fat, low sugar, etc but are good!!

    1. admin

      Hi Dvorah!
      I’m glad that you’re enjoying my posts! I’m always trying new recipes and one of my favorites is the Banana Chocolate Chip recipe on my website. I can also email you a bunch of different recipes and then you could see what appeals to you. As far as the nutritional info…I don’t count ‘points’, but do follow my own guidelines for how many portions per food group per day. Most of my homemade ‘healthier’ muffins are about 2 portions of carbs, 1 – 2 fats and sometimes 1 fruit.
      Hope this helps!

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