Be Curious Not Judgemental

Be Curious. Be Grateful. Those were the inspiring words that were said by Pam, the teacher, during a yoga class that I took yesterday morning. A yoga studio that is still new to me.

In December, when we were away on our family vacation in Florida, I found Yoga Journey. I knew that this yoga studio would be different from what I was used to back home. How could it not be? It wasn’t my familiar safe haven. I wouldn’t have the comfort of knowing everyone and all the teachers. This yoga studio was going to be a completely new experience for me in every sense.

I was curious and tried not to be judgemental. No judgement on what I could or couldn’t do. No judgement on how much better other people will be than me. I went feeling gratitude that I was able to practice while on vacation.

What I found was so much more that just yoga. I was so grateful for having found this studio and all the positivity that came with it. My husband and I came back to Florida and yesterday I went back to Yoga Journey. Of course I was still curious…would any of the teachers remember me? Would any of the other yogis look familiar? When I walked in I was warmly welcomed back by familiar faces. It felt good.

Curiosity brought me to Yoga Journey and I am grateful for being able to do this for myself. Take time to notice and reflect upon the things that you are grateful for. Try not to be so judgemental about anything.  You will feel so much more better for it.

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