When I saw this, it made me laugh and I wanted to share it with you!

Carb-free, sugar-free, fat-free! With so many different diets out there, how is anyone supposed to know what’s best? I’ll tell you straight out – it’s the one that works best for you and your lifestyle!

As a nutritionist, I always get asked my opinion on carbs. If you are looking to lose weight and think that eliminating carbs is the answer, it may be a solution as long as you’re able and willing to continue with that plan and not eat any carbs in order to sustain the weight loss. Just remember that your body needs foods from ALL the different food groups in order to function properly and efficiently. The exception is if you have an intolerance or food allergy to certain types of foods and alternative choices are made accordingly.

Unfortunately quick fixes, like going gluten-free in order to lose weight, doesn’t have lasting weight loss results. I remember around 20 years ago, after I lost weight (eating no bread!), I really wanted a tuna sandwich, so I had one. And the scale didn’t move – I didn’t gain weight from it! I didn’t realize how much I missed eating certain foods and before I knew it, I gained back not only the 40 pounds I lost, but another 10 on top of that. Most of the weight gain was because I went back to old habits and ate way more carbs than my body needed.

So, what’s the solution? Are carbs the problem?? I tell my clients to aim for 3-4 carb portions a day (combined with healthy choices and mindful portions from all the food groups!) In theory it sounds easy, but building new habits and strategies takes time and patience.

Moderation is key. This is not about being on a diet, but about making healthy choices that work with your lifestyle and are sustainable. And by the way, I like chocolate too!

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