Whether we have friends or family over for dinner, the first thing that I do is figure out my menu.

Last weekend I had my 2 brothers and sister in laws over for a bbq. I don’t always serve appetizers, but it was such a beautiful night that I thought it would be relaxing to sit on our balcony and munch (and drink!) before dinner.

The question is – what to serve?

Some ideas:

Bocconcini and tomato skewers
Alex’s Baba Ganoush served with pita chips
Veggies with hummus or salsa
Bruschetta on baguette
Roasted red pepper spread with whole grain crackers

So many choices! I served bocconcini and tomato skewers and hummus and roasted red pepper spreads with some whole grain crackers.

I’d love to hear what some of your favorite appetizers are to serve!
Please leave your suggestions in the comments below 🙂

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