And the Passover Countdown Begins!

I am definitely a list person. I keep past Seder menus and work from those to create a new menu – or at least I try to deviate just a little bit!

My family and guests know exactly what to expect and I don’t like to disappoint anyone. So along with chicken soup, matzo balls, gefilte fish (that’s the only food that is store bought!), pickled salmon, brisket, tongue, chicken, meatballs, turkey, stuffing and we won’t even mention the desserts, I juggle my side dishes and change things up.

Here’s a few ideas for side dishes, some can be found on my website and can easily be adapted for Passover:

Monday I’ll be posting different options for quinoa salads – be sure to look for it!
In the meantime, happy cooking!!

As always, I’d love to hear from you!
Please feel free to share what your menu ideas are!

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