A Must Have for Your Kitchen!

Do you use mini muffin baking tins?? I love them and let me tell you why!

You may have realized by now that I have a huge sweet tooth! As a matter of fact, years ago I had a home business and decorated all kinds of cakes. My kids have fond memories of eating leftover icing (homemade ‘secret recipe’ using butter) right out of the bowl and so do I.

I know first hand how hard it is to lose weight and keep it off. Somehow the foods that you give up in order to lose weight always find a way back and unfortunately so does the weight you lost. It took me a while (years!) to finally figure out that weight doesn’t stay off by just eliminating foods that you love. I became a nutritionist in order to help people work through their challenges and reach their weight goals in ways that are realistic, sustainable and more importantly, work for them. Part of the strategies include finding ways to enjoy the foods they love, in moderation of course.

One of the ways is by using mini muffin tins. It’s one of my favorite baking tools because you can enjoy a real treat, but in a smaller version. How many times have you eaten something that is ‘healthy’ and made with no fat, no sugar and well, no taste? Trust me on this – when your regimen includes treats that you enjoy (along with healthier meal choices!), you won’t feel deprived and in the long run, it will help you with your goals. This is where the 80/20 rule that I’ve previously mentioned, comes into play!

So, take your favorite muffin or cheesecake recipe and make mini versions of them. Most baked goodies can be individually frozen too so you can have them at a later date!

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  1. Marla Maltinsky

    Amazing as always !

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      Thanks so much Marla!!!
      Have a great weekend:)

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