I love the sweet and fragrant smells of herbs!

Basil and mint are my two favorite herbs and I love using them during the summer months. I find that everything tastes that much fresher and bursts with flavor. I’ve always grown herbs in pots on the deck in my backyard, but it’s only been the past few years when I finally started to use them!

Here are Easy Ways to Use Basil:

  1. Toss whole basil leaves on cauliflower cheese pizza or your favorite home baked pizza
  2. Threaded on skewers in between bocconcini balls and cherry tomatoes with a drizzle of balsamic glaze
  3. Tossed with different types of lettuces, avocado chunks, red onion slices and olive oil
  4. Make your own pesto! Here’s a great recipe for Walnut Basil Pesto
  5. In delicious and easy salads! Here’s a recipe for a Colorful Tomato and Cucumber Salad

Even if you don’t have access to a garden, herbs can be grown in pots in your kitchen on the window sill or on the counter!

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