4 Great Reasons to Eat in Season!

I love when the weather changes because there’s always new crops growing and I look forward to the different assortment of fresh produce available. I always try to shop in season – do you? I see such a big difference in many of my side dishes because of the different choices available:)

There are so many great health benefits and reasons to eat in season that I thought I would list my 4 favorite ones:

1. Fruits and vegetables are at their freshest and taste better!
It’s true! When things are imported they often take a long time to get to your favorite grocer, but when a crop is grown and local – you get it much faster and it’s much fresher. Quebec strawberries – need I say more? (I live in Montreal!!) Things are picked when they are ripe and do not have to sit while waiting to be shipped. Don’t even get me started on what the containers used to transport produce from other countries are sprayed with!

2. The prices are much easier to tolerate!
When local farmers grow in abundance, the cost goes down! Think about it – the shipping and production costs incurred from merchants buying locally, are eliminated. Bonus for us:)

3. Local produce is a great influence on healthier eating!
I have a list when I go grocery shopping BUT when I spot things that aren’t on my list, like fresh asparagus, in my basket it goes. And you can be rest assured, I am so inspired to use it in a new recipe.

4. Variety is the Spice of Life!
Potatoes, move over! Choose fresh corn, the array of different tomatoes, bright asparagus, summer squashes, fresh fruits like strawberries and hearty peaches….see what’s available in your area, and go for it!

Now’s the time to take advantage. I’d love to know what you’ve bought or tried!
Please share in the comments below and any tips that you may have:)

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