True confessions time! Do you have a secret stash somewhere?

Why Do People Hide Their Snacks?

  • They don’t want anyone else to eat it (like my husband)
  • It’s comforting knowing that it’s always available
  • They feel less guilty about having snacks hidden as opposed to having it out in the open where their friends and family can see their indulgences and judge them (even though you shouldn’t feel guilty for eating any foods!)
  • So they can just enjoy it in private
  • Sometimes people forget about their hiding spots and from my experience it’s a great feeling when weeks or even months go by and you happen to stumble on your treat that you forgot about! (just make sure that it’s not expired!)

No need to be embarrassed – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a drawer full of goodies hidden somewhere in their house! I keep Lindt Chocolate bars in my bedroom in one of the dresser drawers (shhh don’t tell anyone!!) It’s for those times when I’m in the mood for a little somethin’ and would like a square or two.

I don’t indulge every night and sometimes a week or two goes by and I haven’t even opened up the drawer. But, there is comfort in knowing that I have a secret stash of chocolate that no one knows about.

Although I eat healthy and mindfully, years ago when I was trying to lose weight I made it a point of including treats for 2 reasons:

#1 Whenever I ‘dieted’ I was so restricted and never ate anything that was a ‘goodie’. I always gained whatever weight I lost back, so I changed my way of eating the last time.

#2 I used to think there were two types of foods – ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Even though I could say it verbally, having indulgences around and enjoying them, made me realize that I didn’t crave them since I didn’t consider them ‘forbidden’ anymore.

What is it about having our treasures hidden around the house that comforts us? It is funny when you think about it and the habits that we have.

For me, having my chocolate stash helps me recognize that I don’t have to have it ‘all at once’ because it will always be there and I find comfort in that!

I want to know if you hide your snacks?
Please share in the comments below 🙂

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