Variety Really is the Spice of Life!

One of my favorite places in my kitchen is the cupboard where I keep my spices. I know, it sounds boring, but so many really good meals and ideas have come from just changing up my spices!

How many times have you made roasted potatoes with olive oil and garlic? I make it at least twice a week and even though it’s so yummy, I think (ok I know!!!) my family gets bored of it. Does yours? An easy solution is to change up your spice! Try za’atar or how about a combination of dried basil, oregano and fresh lemon juice?

The same goes with chicken and fish! I love salmon, but not if it’s prepared the same way every time. I use different rubs, steak spice and very often I’ll make a paste from some brown sugar, grated fresh ginger and a touch of cumin – mmmmmm!! Small changes bring huge results and different flavors on same types of foods really help when you’re trying to eat in a mindful way.

Where do you find spices? Anywhere and everywhere! Check out the spice aisle in your favorite grocery store, look in fresh markets, specialty stores – it’s all there but we usually aren’t on the lookout for it. When I’m on vacation I love to check out the local shops and supermarkets for new spice blends. And yes, I do pack my purchases in my suitcase!

On a side note, years ago I discovered something made by President’s Choice which is delicious sprinkled on yogurt or oatmeal and gives a little ‘something’ to a cup of coffee! It’s a spice grinder that contains sugar, chocolate and cinnamon and all you do is twist the cap and then you’ll get a nice blend of flavors.

As always, I’d love to hear from you!
Please feel free to share what your favorite spices are and how you use them!

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