Keep Calm and Eat Mindfully

Sounds easy enough doesn’t it, but we all know it isn’t always easy and our best intentions can often go awry!

So many holidays and celebrations, and yes, all good things, but too much food! I’m so happy that there’s very little remnants of leftovers from the two Seders in my fridge. That means that I’ll be able to actually see the hard boiled eggs, fruit salad, yogurt and all my comfort ‘healthy foods’ in my fridge. I find that having fresh choices available really helps me to stay mindful.

If you indulge a little too much, telling yourself “I won’t eat so much tomorrow”, or “maybe I’ll skip breakfast” won’t solve anything. What message would you be telling yourself? That you’re dieting? You are not on a diet so get rid of the guilt. Every time that I told myself a story of what I wouldn’t eat, I swear, I ate more. What to do? The very next day, start with whatever your favorite healthy breakfast is, make mindful choices during during the day and take it one meal at a time . It’s all in your mindset. You’ll be back on track and be making more mindful choices before you know it.

Enjoy the rest of Passover and to those who celebrate, have a wonderful and joyful Easter!

Peace and love

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