Do You Like Fresh Flowers?

I do!! These don’t look like your average flowers, do they? But to me, they are beautiful and colorful.

All winter long I’ve been rummaging from store to store on a mission to get great looking produce. I settled for ‘so so’ ones and made do. This past winter I roasted my veggies, used them in lots of stir fry’s and made some really yummy soups. Although they were used in great meals, I really missed having bright and fresh vegetables!

The ‘boxed’ greens that are sold in plastic containers rarely show up in my grocery cart. I know they are convenient and I have used them when there were no alternatives, but it isn’t a purchase that I like to make a habit of.

Spring is finally here and with that comes choices! The markets are booming with colorful veggies that are bursting with flavor and my usual grocery stores are starting to have variety again!

Why not bring home a bouquet of fresh spinach today? I did!!

As always, I’d love to hear from you!
Please feel free to share what your favorite veggies are in the Spring season!

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