I love apples!

This brings back memories of when Charles and I would take the kids apple picking at the farms in the Montreal area. At that time, one of the farms used to give out their recipes and I’d bake muffins and dutch apple cakes that were loaded with sugar and oil and mmmmmmm soooooo good!

Now, Charles and my 22 year old Mark go ‘apple picking’, and I use that term loosely. They use it as a decoy so they can go up to Smoke Meat Pete’s and indulge, and then go to Quinn’s farm and buy, not pick, apples!! For some reason, they don’t invite me – they don’t want to be embarrassed when I order salad!

Back to my apples. I love to bake 6 at a time, as seen in my baked apples recipe and keep them in my fridge. I love it in my hot oatmeal or mixed with Greek yogurt or warmed up with a scoop of Chapman’s Vanilla Yogurt on top.

I’d love to hear from you! Do you go apple picking or buy lots of apples?
What do you do with your abundance of apples? Please feel free to share your ideas and tips in the comments below:)

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